new blog and recipe

It's been so long without a peep from me here at the blog. I want to apologize for my long, long absence and hopefully offer any of you readers left a chance to see what I've been up to. I've always wanted this blog to slowly bridge some gaps and become a lifestyle blog of sorts but really struggled with doing that seamlessly, and I've decided that this blog in particular might not ever be the place for that. I still can't decide if I'll be posting my recipes here anymore, but I will definitely be posting them (and more) over at my other blog: Black Oak Vintage. There I'll be talking about more of the things I love, rather than just one. It'll include vintage clothes and housewares, updates to my shop, food and drink recipes, DIY how-to's and projects, and just an overall better glance at my life and what I've been filling it up with lately. I hope you'll all follow me there.

These Spicy Tofu Tacos were one of the recipes I recently posted at the new blog, which you can find here.

My best to you all!

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